Switzerland 2015

IMG_3497Up the north mountains, we went for our first of the country trip last February. Me and my colleagues decided to try out skiing. Hence, planned to go to Switzerland. They found a cheap flight to Milan, Italy then a train from the Milan Central Station to Tirano. From Tirano, we rode the famous Bernina express going to St. Moritz, Switzerland. Yes, the modes of transportation we took were really exhausting but the experiences we had were worth it.

First snow experience – it is for most of us. Living in a country where it is either extremely hot or having a very strong storm, it really was a challenge since were quite used to high temperatures. In St. Moritz, the temperature was below zero degrees. We’re freeeeeezing. Walking outside is a struggle itself.

IMG_3518 Unfortunately, we were unable to ski. According to the receptionist at the hostel we stayed, it’ll cost a lot – equipment rental, coach, etc. As a consequence, we just rode the cable car going up the mountain. From there, one can see the whole town and the snow-covered mountains. Very different from what we’re used to seeing, i.e., tall buildings. We spent half the day strolling around then went back to the hostel as soon as it’s starting to get dark…and even more colder.

We tried a buffet for dinner for 35 euros. I forgot the name of the restaurant, and to take a picture (’cause I was already really hungry then). There’s a variety of food to choose from – pork, beef, veggies, etc. What I loved most are the desserts. I think I was able to eat a lot more desserts than the main dishes. Chocolate cakes, brownies and  lot more sweets. The people are also nice and very accommodating.

Since we only have half day to explore, we weren’t really able to do that much. Cable car and eat out, basically that’s the only stuff we did. Oh, and buy chocolates. There’s plenty of chocolates here. Too bad I wasn’t able to buy a lot.

I wish to come back again in the future and spend longer time there. And actually try out skiing.

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