Paris 2015

20150308_120838Paris has always been the city of my dreams. Every time I see it in movies or in pictures, I wish to visit it more. So when given the opportunity, I really grabbed it and flew to Paris.

I’ve watched the movie Taken 2 where Liam’s daughter was kidnapped when she went to Paris. Since I will be travelling alone, I was actually scared. Luckily, I have relatives living there so going around and a place to stay weren’t a big problem at all.

The weather was nice during my stay. Sky’s clear so there were a lot of tourists and locals in every place. Given that I’ll only be staying overnight, I went to all the places I could in the limited time I have there.

20150308_105338First stop, the Triumphal Arch. As soon as I got off the bus and met with my grandfather and aunt, we immediately rode the metro and went to the Arch. It is strategically located at the heart of the city. The view at the top is so nice as well. Truthfully, I wasn’t really able to admire the scenic view at the top because the we didn’t see the elevator so we used the stairs to get to the top. So exhausting. I haven’t had a nice sleep and breakfast as well. I even thought I would collapse. Haha. Good thing I didn’t or else I wouldn’t get to explore much.

20150308_112257Then we walked down Champs-Elysees. Just strolled and went inside the house of Louis Vuitton. I hoped I could buy something but the products are way expensive. Poor me. since we were just sight seeing, we decided to ride the Metro as soon as we got into a station.

Of course, a tour of Paris is incomplete without visiting the majestic Eiffel tower. Seeing it from afar, I found myself smiling already, asking my self if this is for real or am I just dreaming.

Crowds were thicker in this area. There were vendors selling Eiffel tower souvenirs everywhere.

20150308_121154We went even closer to see if we can get to the top. Unfortunately, the lines in all four feet of the tower were insanely long. According to my grandfather, if we’ll fall in line, it’ll take as the whole day and won’t be able to go to other places. Hence, I decided to just skip it for now.

So, we walked to get something to eat. For lunch, we had burritos at Chipotle. As soon as we’re all done, we got into the nearest Metro again and headed to Notre Dame.

20150308_134014Details in the cathedral’s structure is truly exquisite. I now admire everyone who took part in building that church, yes, even the miniature version. Aside from that, I was truly mesmerized by the Pieta sculpture. I only heard it during classes in high school and college. Looking at it with my own eyes, I was awe-stricken. It was indeed beautiful, a masterpiece. The lock bridge near the cathedral was, well, full of locks. I was shocked. I never thought there would be that many locks in there.

20150308_142802Louvre, the home of the famous painting “Mona Lisa,” was also filled with tourists. The line at the entrance was almost as long as the ones in Eiffel tower. Hence, we weren’t able to go inside a well. Instead, we walked around until we reached Concorde.

20150308_151847Our last stop for the day – Sacre Coeur. Outside the basilica was a bunch of people. Since it’s located at the top of a hill, one can see the beauty of the city. No wonder a lot of people was there.

That concludes my tour for the day. Since the 3 of us were already tired, we decided to go home to rest. My and my grandfather went out again at night to see the Eiffel tower again. He said that it’s like you’ve never been to Paris if you weren’t able to see the tower at night. And he was right. Eiffel tower at night is undoubtedly magical. I’m so glad he took me there.

The following day, m and my aunt went looking around and shopping for a while then she took me to the terminal. An overnight stay is too short to go around the city. I hope I could come back again in the future and stay longer. But I am truly thankful for this opportunity given to me to have a glimpse of this city.


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