Pisa 2015

20150310_083510The very first familiar place I saw with a cheap fare – Pisa. Thanks to my former co-worker who taught me how to find the lowest fare flights because she brought me to Pisa where the world famous leaning tower is located. I walked around the place after visiting Paris. This time, I am completely on my own, equipped with Google maps and English language. Good thing I already searched and downloaded instructions on how to get to the hostel then to the city center from the airport. Though, I really didn’t follow the routes given most of the time.

As soon as I stepped into Pisa, I immediately went to the nearest hostel. Since it still wasn’t dark when I arrived, I decided to walked around and look for somewhere to eat. I ate on a pizza parlor, few blocks away from the hostel. Believe it or not, I was able to finish three-fourths of my pizza. It was really strange for me to eat that much since I frequently don’t finish my meal. After eating, I walked back to the hostel and rested.

IMG_0033Early morning the following day, I took the bus going to the city center. I got off somewhere and tried to just walk around. Good thing I was still able to get to the leaning tower. Since I got there at around 8 in the morning, there were only a few tourists around. I decided to buy a tour ticket to the top of the tower. There’s 257 steps to get to the top. I actually felt like giving up halfway but I don’t want to waste my 18 euros for nothing. So when I got to the top with knees shaking, I first sat and tried to catch my breath. Haha. After a while, I went around and looked at the scenic view of the city while the group of Japanese tourists I went up with were busy taking selfies.

20150310_082819When i went down, I just walked around to buy something too drink and a few souvenirs then took my bag. I wasn’t able to go inside the church because I lost my tour ticket. Unlucky me. So, I just took pictures of the cathedral’s surrounding.

Tour of the baptistery wan’t included in the ticket I bought. Good thing, or else I would have felt even worse for losing the ticket..

20150310_082636 Because I was afraid of being left by the plane, I already went out to go to the airport by noon. I asked a souvenir vendor directions on where to ride the bus going to the airport. Unfortunately, I got lost. I was walking in circles for almost an hour. Luckily, I passed by a cab parked along a street. Since he was booked by someone else, he phoned for another cab driver to pick me up and drive me to the airport.

A bit hungry and tired of walking, I managed to get to the airport on time. Lesson learned? Trust Google Maps’ directions. Haha. For some reasons, this could’ve saved me timme than asking a local.

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