Milan 2015

20150314_130408Just a week after I got back from my Pisa and Paris trip, me and my colleagues flew to Milan, just for fun. They found a cheap flight, so, why not. In addition to that, it would be our last getaway together before going home.

We only stayed for one night. Oh, and special thanks to our project manager for helping us find a place to stay. The apartment has a really beautiful interior design, credits to the architect who owned the place before.

20150314_143511Again, since we only have a short stay, we were only able to go to the cathedral and roam around the shops near the place. The details of the cathedral’s structure is exquisite. From the front doors to the top, we were all filled with awe as we go up and around the church. I wonder how they managed to that. It’s like perfection up to every millimeter of it. It is great that the Italians managed to preserve the place and continuously renovate it when the need arises.

20150314_144709Sadly, there was an ongoing construction at the top. Nevertheless, we were still amused by its beauty. Also, according to the tarpaulin we saw, the top can serve as some sort of a conference place or restaurant at times. It’s like a multipurpose hall or something.

During our whole stay in the cathedral area, we noticed that there are a lot of Filipinos there. It was like, an extension of the Philippines. There was even a Globe store near the bus station where we took off.

20150314_153347Going around, most of the shops are the high end ones, hence, we just window shopped. We even went inside the Prada store. At first, I was looking through the bags and wallets. But after some time, as I realized that the price of whatever I’m holding gets higher, I stopped and just looked with my eyes. It’s like one wallet costs more than everything I have so I’m afraid it might get scratched or something. Ugh. Too expensive. But I admit, the quality of the product is really really good.

For dinner, we went into a place that serves aperitivo where you would only pay for a drink then the food will be free. The dinner is like a small buffet of finger foods. According to our project manager, we should try it out – it’s cheap and you can eat a lot. And so we did.

The following day, we just walked around the cathedral again to buy souvenirs then immediately ran into the airport so that we wouldn’t miss our flight. ‘Twas really a short trip. I do hope I could go around Milan again in the future.

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