Rome/Vatican 2015

Our flight back to the Philippines have a 7 hours lay over in Rome. Hence, we decided to explore around a bit rather than wait inside the airport.

20150321_163810First stop, the world famous Colosseum. There were way too many people outside. But no doubt, it rally is beautiful. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to tour inside because of the tight schedule. We just walked around, took photos then ran to the metro station as soon as we’re done.

20150321_173620Next stop, Vatican. According to the Filipino we met at the square, the tourists were relatively less than usual. The line going inside St. Peter’s Basilica is short. Well, it was short but the movement is still slow. So, like before, walked around, took photos and bought souvenirs then we immediately went our way back to the airport.

Our side trip may be very short but at least, we were able to see these places not everyone has the opportunity of going. I’ll definitely have a vacation here in the future. There are still a lot of places to go to.

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