Malta 2015

20150110_145235I stayed in Malta for almost 3 months. Every time I tell them where I am, they all ask, “Where?” I also asked the same question the first time I heard of it. Sorry, but I never heard of Malta before. Honestly, I never thought I’ll be coming here. But I am truly grateful that I was given an opportunity to travel and work here for a while.

20150110_153410I first stayed in a flat at St. Julian’s bay. It was far from the office compared to where my colleagues are staying so I really am envious. Moreover, there’s only 6 of us staying there. It’s like they secluded us from the rest. However, the place where were staying is actually more beautiful than the rest. Beautiful in a sense that it’s near a bay and not that residential. Night life is also a short walk away. Haha. But considering the expenses, it’s a bit unfair because we allot money for transportation while most of them are just walking to and from the office.

20150111_181313On my second day, my flatmate and I ate at Ir-Rokna, the oldest pizzeria in Malta. They – my flatmate and other co-workers – highly recommended place. And I agree, the food tastes good. No wonder the place is still making money up to now.

I wasn’t able to go to a lot of places there. Personally, I have no idea what the tourist spots are in Malta. So I just go out with them whenever they plan on travelling somewhere. But according to a teammate of mine, there are films shot here. There are scenes in Game of Thrones, for instance, that were shot here. Brad Pitt’s World War Z was also filmed in Malta.

20150208_110113Azure window is the only tourist spot I know. I just stumbled upon it on Google+ while browsing. It’s beautiful up close but really scary. You can hear the waves crashing to the rocks. Standing at the edge of the cliff was also a knee-shaking experience. Nevertheless, it’s a place one shouldn’t miss when visiting Malta.

20150111_160526The first time I went to Valletta was on a Sunday. I was surprised because almost all shops are closed on Sundays. Apparently, that’s the way it is there as opposed to what I was used to. But there were a lot of significant landmarks around the streets – statues, museums, palaces, etc.
20150301_125547We also went to Marsaxlokk. Unluckily, it was raining the moment we set foot there so it was really muddy. Good thing it didn’t last long. There were a lot of goods sold for a cheap price. It is comparable to Philippines’ Divisoria, only a bit cleaner and has a scenic view.

Because of my laziness, I was only able to go to these places. I missed Popeye’s village, Mdina and others. Despite that, I would say that Malta is a good place to stay especially during summer because of the beautiful beaches.

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