Fancy delights

If there’s one thing I miss in Malta, it will be the short cakes we eat every afternoon. It was like a routine. Every day, at around 4:00 PM, me and my teammates will walk to Busy Bee and treat ourselves with a cake.
IMG_20150120_180114For 1.45 euros, one can have this mouth-watering piece of cake. Different types of cakes are available each day and we made sure we were able to taste each flavor. So, after so much deliberation and buying our desired cakes, we will walk back to the office and chill out in the pantry. Cake, paired up with a glass of milk kind of relieves the stress away.

IMG_20150217_175612There was a time when we decided to eat in the store. And we regret doing that because we found out that the cake costs 1 euro more if it is “for here.” The only difference is that they put it in a plate instead of a box. From that day on, we never ate in the store again. We always take out our orders and just eat it in the office. Just charged it in experience.

For a person who loves desserts, I would say that their cakes taste and look good. Well, it justifies its cost.

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