Foodtrip at Maginhawa

Another spontaneity we did. We decided to have a food trip along Maginhawa for a day. Eating main course and dessert, alternately, in different restaurants. The only break we have from eating is when we walk around to look for another place to eat. A stomach bulging and pocket draining experience indeed. Despite that, it was all fun and most of the food we tried were all delicious.

1. Empire steak

20150509_133454We went there during lunchtime so, of course, something a bit heavy first since most of us didn’t eat breakfast for this. While walking down the street, we noticed an ad posted pointing to a steak house. After a little deliberation, we decided to go for it.

20150509_133514The meals weren’t that pricey. But, of course, don’t expect too much from it. We tried ordering a regular steak, that is, Australian sirloin. They also serve US rib eye but costs little more than the regular. Anyway, judgment? I think it justifies the price I paid for. I think what I ate was just a regular beef tapa, nothing special.
Empire Steak Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

2. Brazo

20150509_142118So, I admit I’ll be a little bias here. Well, brazo de mercedes is my ultimate favorite cake and it is the specialty of this place, obviously. Hence, most of us ordered a slice. It is not comparable to the ones sold in famous cake shops. Somehow, I love the cake here more than anywhere else. It’s not that sweet but super duper delicious. One of my friends tried their muscovado cheesecake. I have no idea howw it should taste ’cause I don’t even know what muscovado is. Boo me. IN any case, it tastes good as well.

3. Friulli

This was actually our first choice for lunch. But the pizza parlor’s full when we get there. It still is when we got there the second time. However, we decided to wait since most of us are craving for pizza.

20150509_154226We ordered Pancetta pizza. I found it a bit weird since it has cucumbers. Don’t get m wrong, I eat cucumbers but I never ate it in a pizza before. After the first slice, I came to understand why the place is always full. They serve tasty pizza for a reasonable price.
Friuli Trattoria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

4. Crepeman

Desserts always comes after. One suggested Wicked Kitchen, hence, we walked down the street, but passed by a crepe store. We’ve been walking for around 20 minutes then, I guess, so this would be a good stop. I tried Ferrero crepe (no picture, sorry). It tastes like ferrero, I admit. The only problem is it’s difficult to eat. Most of the crumbs from the crepe I ate can be seen both on or table and on the floor. Apologies to the one assigned to clean that day. Apart from that, crepe’s yummy. It’s also cozy in their store. Good music and ambiance.
Crepeman Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

5. Cat cafe

20150509_183121It is located at the same building where Wicked kitchen is. Since we only read about it before, we decided to go in ourselves and play around with their cats. Good thing they accept walk in customers because most of the people calls for reservation first, I think. Anyway, the place is small but homey. Not much tables and chairs. But has enough space for the cats. They have 10 and most of them were asleep when we get inside. Also, the cats weren’t that friendly. I was frightened by one who will look at you with eyes wide open.

20150509_183432Entrance is P200, where half of it is consumable and the other half’s for the cats. Just so the P100 won’t get waste, I ordered for a brownie bar. Well, it tastes like, a brownie. They serve flavored Italian sodas which quite tastes like a fruit juice, only carbonated.
Cat Cafe Manila Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

6. Katsu cafe

Last stop, dinner. By this time, we were really tired of eating. But still decided to grab dinner while waiting for the rain to stop. Unlimited miso soup, regular Japanese rice meals. Not a big deal.

There’s still a lot of other places to try. I wonder when will I get to this street again.

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