Boracay 2015

davBoracay is one of the most popular tourist spot in the Philippines. I was just able to come to this place a couple of weeks ago, my very first domestic flight. First thing to notice is the number of tourists in this place, mostly from oriental countries. They are literally everywhere. Then there are those “agents” who will ask you to try out some activities available in the island. Of course, the pretty blue water and the fine white sand won’t be missed. I admit, it is truly a paradise, a very commendable place to just relax.


We departed from Manila on a Thursday morning with AirAsia. It is worth noting that we departed and arrived earlier than expected. When we arrived at the Kalibo airport, there were different services outside that provides transport from the airport to Caticlan. We rode a van which took around an hour and a half to reach the port. Then we paid the environmental and terminal fees and immediately boarded the ferry going to Boracay. Ferries get occupied pretty fast so there’s no waiting time at all. After 30 minutes, we set foot to Boracay island.



We stayed in Mito’s place in station 1. Standard room’s big enough and cozy. Though, one can see a gray wall from the balcony and the shower in our room’s leaking. Also, there’s no floor mat so whenever we get back from the beach, our room gets dirty with sand.


On our first day, we just rested. We only went out to eat and walk around. Food is expensive. I was shocked when a fresh coconut juice costs PHP 100 even though the coconut trees are just in front of the different restaurants. Meal’s average cost is PHP 200. But there are a few cheap ones like Andok’s and Mang Inasal. The rest are all so expensive. :O



We tried out a few activities the following day – island hopping, parasailing and helmet diving. We got to do all these for PHP 1,800 per person.

For island hopping, we only went to crystal cove, Puka beach and another island which I forgot the name. But on all those, we only went down to Puka beach because going to the other islands have a fee excluded in the package. Nevertheless, our eyes enjoyed the view of the islands and the beach. There were also a few snorkeling sesh in between. But I didn’t try it. Haha.

After three hours, we grabbed lunch and rested before going to the remaining activities.

Parasailing is one of the things I really wanted to do so I was excited. But when our turn came, I felt scared. That knee-shaking moment. Regardless, I enjoyed it even when we’re x meters from the top of the sea. You can feel the wind on your face while looking at the majestic scenery of the island. 15 minutes is not enough for this.

As soon as we’re done, we ere transferred to the helmet diving station. Before going underwater, we were oriented with the hand signals to use and the do’s and don’t’s. Then off we go. Dealing with pressure is really a challenge. We went 16 meters underwater and fed the fishes then walked around. We saw different species of fish and corals. Again, 15 minutes is insufficient. I wanted to walk farther. But then, the helmet’s becoming heavier as well. So when we went out of the water, our shoulders hurt a lot.



Then we returned to our rooms to take a bath then went out for dinner. We ate at Backyard BBQ, one of the most commendable restaurants in the place. Me and my boyfriend shared their ultimate belly. It’s crispy pata with three different kinds of sauces. Well, it’s good but nothing special. I like the service in the place because our food was served after only a short waiting time. Crews were also approachable and accommodating.


In the remaining couple of days, we just walked around the place and did separate activities. Swimming, drinking, eating and bought souvenirs. Then traveled back to Manila.


The only thing I was unable to do is eat at D’ Talipapa which is, based on what we read, similar to Dampa where one will buy seafood then let them cook it the way you wanted to. Well, next time.


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