Little Tokyo: Round 1

Japan is also well-known for its exquisite cuisine. From raw fish to grills, almost would drool over to their dishes. Some find it weird, nevertheless, there are still people around the globe who loves it, myself included.


There are quite a lot of migrated Japanese here in the Philippines. As a consequence, there fine cuisine has migrated as well. And in this little compound in the city of Makati, one can find Little Tokyo which houses several Japanese restaurants each with their own specialties. Luckily, we were able to visit and try a couple of them.

  1. Urameshi-ya

P_20160213_201046Their specialty are grilled meats, and yes, they’re delicious but expect to pay a bit more. Nevertheless, serving’s big enough. I got really full when we finished eating.

We just had a problem with their menu because 70% of what’s written is in Japanese. Even though some have translations, we still didn’t know what it is. However, their staff is friendly and are willing to accommodate you. You can also ask them to grill for you. But, hey, grilling is one of the experiences you should have in here!

P_20160213_195223Aside from the food,, the place has a really nice ambiance. There’s Japanese feel while eating. The bar has a wide range of Japanese and local beverages and their shelves are full of manga. You can grab one and read while waiting. Just make sure you know how to read in Japanese because the books are all written in Japanese. Sadly, I don’t know how so I didn’t bother borrowing one.

P_20160213_200707So, back to the food. We ordered Tarafuku set which includes 2 pork, 2 beef, a cup of rice, salad and kimchi. It costs PHP 2,100 and is already good for two people, just buy another cup of rice (one cup’s expensive, costs PHP 115). I could say, the beef is tender and the pork’s crispy ’cause we somehow left it in the grill for long. We had fun grilling. For the sauce, the staff who served us our food prepared it for us. Minced garlic, optional chili sauce and soy sauce or something like that. I honestly didn’t know what was it. But it very well complements the dishes. Grilling’s a bit tiring, but ’twas indeed fun. Also, eating the food you cooked yourself is really satisfying.

Since they specialize on grills, despite the Japan ambiance, when there are a lot of customers inside, the place gets full of smoke. There’s an exhaust per table, I also saw an exhaust fan at the wall, but it’s still not quite enough. So, be prepared for this.

Regardless, this place is really commendable. A bit pricey but your stomach will be really satisfied.

2. Hana

P_20160213_214158Another place we went to is Hana and they are known for their takoyaki. I swear, it is the best takoyaki I’ve eaten all my life. Compared to those stalls in malls or supermarkets, their takoyaki really have octopus in it. The dough is thick, chewy and well cooked. They will serve you freshly cooked dish. Everything tastes good altogether – octopus filling, dough, toppings and the sauce. Not to mention that 6 pieces only costs PHP 120. Of course, more expensive than the ‘commercialized’ ones, but it is really worth its price.

Since this is the second restaurant we went to and we’re really feeling full. we just ordered takoyaki and miso soup. As a miso soup lover, I would say, theirs is really something. Unlike other miso soups which only contains green onions and tofu, their recipe has more ingredients in it. Aside from the ones mentioned, it has carrots and mushrooms, adding more flavor to the soup.

P_20160213_214626While waiting for our food, we managed to browse the menu. They also offer lulnch sets for an affordable price. Tonkatsu, donburi, name it! They have a wide variety of choices. Their sushi rolls look delicious as well and have different combinations. I think this is also something worth trying.

The place itself is small. It can only accommodate about less than 20 people, both inside and outside the place. I imagine it being full during lunch time and the waiting line’s really long. But the staff’s always ready to assist you with anything.

I would definitely come back to this place to give the other dishes a try.

So, for Japanese food lovers, do play a visit. It’ll feel like eating in Japan.

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