Hole in the Wall: Round 1

Century City Mall has just caught the attention of the public only about a couple of years back and up ’til now, it’s still rising up and working its way along with its well-known competitors. But it has its own unique features compared to the others. One of this is its food hall where visitors could order from a variety of food establishments and eat in a cozy and relaxing place. I’ve been eating here for quite some time now and I still haven’t tried out everything.


  1. Phobobo

20141212_213906Phobobo offers Vietnamese food for a reasonable price. Serving’s pretty big for myself, nevertheless, one can finish it all because it is tasty. Unfortunately, Phobobo has been recently replaced by a pizza store.

2. Scout’s Honor

Cookies! This is highly recommended for cookie lovers. Aside from the ready made mouth watering cookies displayed in their store, one can also DIY their own. There’s not much choices for the toppings though. But what they have are enough to come up with a delicious cookie. Of course, it depends on what you put on it. And don’t forget to pair it with their milk – perfect combination!

20150626_2024093. Mister Delicious

Most of the foods in their menu contains potato and bacon, based on my observation. What I managed to try is the Mister D’s Hash which has corned beef, poached eggs and potatoes. It’s good, at first. As I was trying to finish my plate, somehow it gets really, really salty.

IMG_20151218_1710314. The Beef

Burgers. Big burgers. Even just from the looks of it, no doubt, it is really something. Not to mention the fries that comes with it, dipped in sour cream. I was delighted when I ate here. Just that, I don’t really have a big stomach so it was hard for me to finish it all. Poor me. Nevertheless, this place is very commendable.

IMG_20160220_1953315. Posporo

For those craving or just want to try a great mix of Filipino and Mexican cuisine, this is the place you should go to. I myself is not into Mexican food. Regardless, I enjoyed the tocino tostada salad I ordered. It’s one big plate of veggies. About 80% of the whole dish are veggies. I was surprised myself because I didn’t know it’ll be a vegan-like food. I’m looking forward to trying out their other delicacies.

These are just a few of the different food outlets you can find in Hole in the Wall. There’s a lot worth giving a try.

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