World Street Food Congress 2016

The annual World Street Congress was held this year in the Philippines and I was lucky enough to attend. The event lasted for 5 days and we went on the second day. Venue was along Federacion Drive in BGC, Taguig, beside the Trapeze area. Not too big but spacious enough for the food stalls, tables, etc. upon entering, what I noticed first was the sea of people. Even though we arrived early, just a couple of hours after opening, I was surprised to see that there are a lot of people already in there. Well, it’s summer so I guess that explains it.


So, we walked around. The stalls are lined up side by side, back to back, in the middle of the grounds and in each stall you can see people in long lines. Food comes in variety, there’s Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, etc. To sum it up, its mostly Asian and one American. It’s not we really what we expected it to be. Nevertheless, we bought a couple of food from two adjacent Filipino stalls.


One is from the Northern region – Kiniing. Sushi-like delicacy made up of sticky rice, mango, etc. Sorry, my memory’s not really good so I can’t remember all of its ingredients. But I remember it tasting pretty good. It’s just everything goes well with the others.It is comparable to authentic Japanese sushi but this time, it’s our very own version. Their stall also sells Okoy but unluckily all the ready ones were already reserved for customers who made advanced orders.


Another food we bought is the Glazed Squash Pilipit. It is topped with vanilla ice cream with Suman Lihiya on the side, such a perfect dessert. It was my first time to eat pilipit and it tastes delicious even though it’s made out of squash. Well, most people don’t like squash. But I believe even those who doesn’t like it will love this meal. It was pretty satisfying.


Sadly, we were only able to try those two because of the long lines in each stall. Aside from that, there were only a few tables and chairs to eat to. Also, I find the other meals quite costly for such a small serving and long waiting time. So, we ate dinner somewhere else.


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