Peri periiii

Charcoal grilled chicken, that is their specialty. Peri peri’s been existing for years now. I’ve passed by this place more than a hundred times already but I was only able to try it just recently.


Sitting in the middle of a hall with other restaurants offering some other different cuisines, this place gets crowded especially during peak hours. Luckily, we dropped by early so we were able to get seats.


We ordered 2 chicken combos – Palmas and Sao Paolo. One have java garlic rice and corn and carrots while the other has plain java rice and fries. We also availed unlimited soup. Too bad there’s only chicken soup left. We weren’t able to taste whatever the other soup was. While waiting for our food, a waitress asked our preferred sauces to go with our chicken. Most of it were spicy. I think there was only one that’s not. Of course, as someone who’s not into something spicy, I ordered that. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the names of the sauces but what I had has peanut in it. And it tastes really good.


Then after around fifteen minutes, our food came. We didn’t wait that long, which is good ’cause I’m already famished. Just by the looks of it, the dish looks very tasty. The bowl of rice looks big but really just enough to feed an empty stomach. Chicken isn’t dry and it goes well with their sauces.


Meal doesn’t include drinks so one must order it separately. However, they have another promo, unlimited soup and drinks, which we saw late, hence, we weren’t able to order that. Too bad. No regrets though.

So if you’re up to a Latin American cuisine, this is a commendable place. It’s neat, friendly staff, not too crowded and serves delicious food.

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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