Bag of Beans

Bag of Beans has been making its name recently. Whenever someone goes to Tagaytay, this sure is a must go-to stop. Not only does the food tastes good, but the ambience and the view are both something.

p_20170212_125159We went there for lunch before heading home. It’s a good thing that we were able to get seated soon. Luckily, at the veranda, hence, we were able to eat with a majestic view. Only downside was that the wind blows strong and it was so chilly outside. Tissues from each table were also flying here and there.

I ordered creamy tuna fettucine. It’s good, just that, it also has lots of bell peppers and onions, which I don’t eat. Well, I do but only when it’s on pizza. Haha. So, my plate was still full after I finished eating. The tuna were in chunks and the dish was really full of it. Worth it.

p_20170212_125206My boyfriend, on the other hand, ordered the roast beef which also includes rice and mixed vegetables. It was a really big slab but 30% of which is fat. Nevertheless, the meat was tender and comes very well with sauce that goes with it. From the looks of it, it was one hell of a meal for such a big serving. i have no idea with how the vegetables were though.

p_20170212_132552Of course, we wouldn’t let the dessert pass. So we tried a slice of chocolate KitKat cake just because it looks tasty from the picture. To be honest, I didn’t like it. There was something weird about its taste, I just couldn’t figure out what was it.

For what it’s worth, its a place one could drop by to whenever in Tagaytay.


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