Ooma-zing sushi

IMG_20170328_170735A week ago, me and my partner celebrated our anniversary. Since he knows that I am a big sushi fan, he took me to this amazing Japanese restaurant – Ooma. He tried to make a reservation but they said that they just do a first come first served basis. Nevertheless, we managed to get seats as soon as we arrived (it was only around 5 o’clock in the afternoon and most people are just getting off from work). Ambiance in the restaurant’s good. I mean, it wasn’t crowded then and the crew were accommodating. They didn’t force us to sit in a table that’s really for 2 people – one table with two chairs – because some places do that even though there are still a lot of vacant tables.
We were given copies of the menu and went through it all. To my surprise, he actually has a list saved on his phone; he really did do his homework well. We ordered everything on his list ’cause they do look promising based on their description on pictures. And since it’s on his list, they’re probably the most recommended dishes. So, we ordered miso soup, salad, steak and 2 types of sushi. Few? Not really. At first we thought it wasn’t enough but as we ate it all, we both agreed that what we ordered were just right for the two of us.

IMG_20170328_171443Miso soup’s good, nothing special. Just that the bowl doesn’t have any lid so it got cold soon. The bowl of kani salad is perfect. It’s the best kani salad I’ve ever had! Each kani strip is so tasteful, really goes well with every other ingredient. You can actually finish the whole bowl yourself ’cause I swear it’s really delicious.

Then we were served with the sushi we ordered – scallop and tuna aburi maki and california taco maki. The aburi maki was a little spicy. I wasn’t able to read carefully what it’s made of so I only found out later that it has spicy mayo and kimchi sauce. Nevertheless, I was able to eat it given my low tolerance on spicy food. Overall, I loved it. Even my partner, who is not really into sushi, or anything raw. But since it’s aburi, he liked it too!

California taco maki is recommended to be eaten using bare hands. Most sushi dishes are eaten with chopsticks but since this is like a tiny taco, I think it’s pretty obvious why use hands. Just from the looks of it, one can really tell that it really is something and I tell you what, it is! Definitely a must try dish when eating here. You can really taste the diversity of the ingredients in a bite. Yup, in a bite. I actually tried to put it all in my mouth, but it’s either it’s too big or my mouth’s too small. Haha! This dish is the star of the night.

IMG_20170328_171545Another one that really got our attention was the hanger steak. Damn, the meat was so tender! And the yam around it was just right – not too sweet. I actually thought it was mashed potato. Haha. The only downside was that those at the bottom were way too oily and salty because of the butter. And there were slices of mushroom which had us fooled. We thought it’s meat because they look very much the same. You can only distinguish one from the other the moment you put it in your mouth and start chewing. Otherwise, you can’t really tell the difference.

Of course, there’s always room for dessert – molten chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. One word: yummy. I’ve always loved lava cake since the first time I ate one. That hot oozing chocolate filling matched with cold vanilla ice cream is a match made in heaven.


I might not able to sound pretty convincing but this is really a place for any one who loves Japanese food or if you just want to try. You won’t regret it, ever.

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