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Cebu 2019: Part 2

Right after that quick Moalboal visit, we went back to the city to sight-see around the area. Even though, honestly, it’s merely similar to Metro Manila. As soon as we got off the bus, we immediately checked into our hotel. After resting for a bit, we went out for our first stop – Magellan’s Cross.

This place plays a very significant role in Philippine history. It was believed to be planted by Portuguese and Spanish explorers when they discovered the Philippines, as led by Ferdinand Magellan.

Beside it is the Basilica del Sto. Nino, a big old beautiful church extended to the open space in front of it. There was a mass when we arrived and it was held in the open space, televised around and inside the church.

About 10 minutes walk is Fort San Pedro. It’s like Intramuros of Cebu. There are different rooms inside that act like a small museum of sorts. Oh, by the way, there’s an entrance fee of PHP 30. I’d say there’s not much to see but it’s a good place to relax.

Next day was gloomy. Nevertheless, we went to two popular temples in the city. The only way to get to Temple of Leah is by riding a habal-habal for about 10 minutes up the hill. It is still under construction but there are already a lot of tourists – both foreigners and locals – despite the rain.

Taoist Temple is located inside a subdivision, about 20 minutes from Temple of Leah. We didn’t stayed long as it is definitely a sacred place where some people pray so we called it a day then.

Cebu trip isn’t complete without a taste of the infamous lechon. We tried CNT and Rico’s before heading home and between the two, I prefer Rico’s. The skin is more crispy and the flesh is tastier, would definitely make you eat more.

Our stay in the city is quite short but I think we were able to maximize it. Next time, a visit to north part of Cebu would be the goal.

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