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Vietnam – CAMBODIA – Thailand: Day 3

Day before was all commute and spent inside a bus so after a good night’s sleep, we’re back at our feet to touristy things again. As what we did in Saigon, we decided to just walk around to where our feet take us. And the only definite place we’re going was the Royal Palace.

Of course, breakfast comes first so we just walked and looked for a place to eat along the way. We stumbled upon one which seems like a small, family-owned eatery. Not much in the menu so we just ordered beef and vegetables fried rice and chicken. The serving is supposed to be good for one person, but to be honest, it’s better shared. It’s cheap and tasty.

Then the walk/photo walk continues. Every now an then we stop by a temple to take a picture of its facade or a coffee shop for a quick coffee/ice cream date. Well, Phnom Penh’s pretty humid so walking for quite a long time will have you end up dripping with sweat, hence, the occasional stopovers.

Then we arrived at the Royal Palace. Entrance ticket costs $40 and there were quite a lot of tourists in here, including those students who were having there school excursion.

It was a compound with a lot of temples inside. Some of which were still under renovation but the main palace is open.

The front doors and its windows were open to look at the insides of the temple from the outside. Everything in the temple looks grand. Oh, and tourists weren’t allowed to take pictures of the temple, except the facade.

Aside from the temples, there were also museums that show previous royalties’ belongings, Buddha replicas, etc, that shape Phnom Penh’s history.

You’ll probably spend at least an hour to roam around because the place was really big. We didn’t even get to visit each temple within this period of time so if you will, 2-3 hours will do. The museums offer interesting artifacts so I suggest to play each a visit.

It was late in the afternoon already and we continued walking to our next destination – Phnom Penh night market – which was about 15 minutes away from the Royal Palace. We passed along the bay where there were a lot of children, perhaps elementary students, selling bird feed. There were also a lo of establishments along the bay offering different cuisines all over the world.

The night market opens at 6 in the evening so we decided to stop by a small restaurant near the area as well to eat, rest and buy time.

Upon entering, you’ll be welcomed by food stands and numerous tables and chairs. A bit further were stalls selling cheap clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, souvenirs, etc. Honestly, we shopped and bought most of our souvenirs here.

As for the food, they were very affordable and the price justifies the price. I was actually looking forward to trying out exotic insects but didn’t find any. This might be a good thing, I don’t know., but I was really looking forward to it. Haha.

It rained when we were there so we decided to book a GrabTuktuk on our way back our place. Personally, I found this amusing that Grab offers tuktuk aside from the usual car and cab. All for a cheap price and saves you from haggling with the drivers, which could be a bit difficult and a hassle given the weather conditions and the language barrier.

We only have one full day of stay in Phnom Penh and we believe we maximized it enough, That night was spent repacking to prepare for another whole day of travel the next day. So, yes, next post will be more commute than real touristy stuff.

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