Iloilo-Guimaras 2019

This year's first stop - Iloilo. The city is part of Philippines' Panay island and is well-known for its old Spanish churches and houses. Oh, and not to mention its famous delicacies as molo soup and batchoy. We stayed for 3D2N at GT Hotel. To be honest, this place is much more than I expected.… Continue reading Iloilo-Guimaras 2019


Isla de Gigantes 2017

Most tourist spots are overly crowded during summer. So to avoid that, we scheduled our trip early March so we could somehow enjoy the place more. We booked a promo flight to Roxas city and stayed for a night. Since we arrived at around 5 in the afternoon, we didn't really have time to go… Continue reading Isla de Gigantes 2017